Pleasant Grove Soap Blog

This blog is for those of you who might wonder about the person behind Pleasant Grove Soaps. That's me, Deb! You'll discover more about me than you might want to know. You'll also get first hand news of anything on the website that has changed.

This is also a place where I can put my mental wanderings down. Right now, my life is like a roller coaster ride, incredible highs going into nerve racking lows. You're welcome to come along for the ride. Maybe you will identify with some of my joys and some of my heartbreaks.

I'm just an average wife and mom, there's nothing special about me. I have the pretty much the same trials and tribulations as anyone out there reading this. I know I'm not alone and neither are you, even though I feel like it at times. We all laugh and cry at some points in our lives. Maybe you will identify with me on some of my good days and bad ones. I guess I'm hoping that some of you might read this and idenitfy with me. My prayer is that it helps.

God Bless You All,


Ingrid S.Samson

Found your soap at Marchall's in Biloxi my husband just recently had surgery and loved it. Then I discovered that Beach Pharmacy carries it also and I

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thank you Deb

I am a diabetic...battling dry skin so i just love Deb's soap..........we wash our hair with the soap. I am constantly washing my hands testing my glucose

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Cured my dry face!!!

For years I have had extremely dry skin around my nose, eyebrows, and mustache. I call it mustache dandruff. I have tried everything from hair conditioner,

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Love the goat's milk soaps

About 10 years ago I visited a dermatologist because of the itchy, scaly patches on my back and abdomen. The doctor recommended a liquid soap like Dove.

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I happened upon this website quite by accident and am so glad I did. After years of dealing with horrible acne, the rest of my body was going against

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