Want to Buy Soap?

If you are looking to buy soap, you're at the right place. You can purchase your goat soap here.

If you are looking to buy soap that is FRAGRANCE FREE. I have two:

Unscented and Unscented Oatmeal

These two goat soaps are completely ALL NATURAL. There are no fragrance or essential oils in either one of them.

If you would like to purchase my products at wholesale prices you must send me your Sales Tax ID number and give me some information so that I can verify that you truly are tax exempt. Here is the link for my wholesale page Wholesale Sign Up

Soap Fragrances

Aruba Coconut
Baby Powder
Beach Daisies
Cool Water
Drakkar Noir
Green Tea & Cucumber
Hannah's Garden
Honey Almond Oatmeal
Lisa's Dreams
Mississippi Spring
Mississippi Summer
Mississippi Winter
Relaxing Oatmeal
Rise & Shine (peppermint)
Stargazer Lily
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Zombie Punch
Unscented Oatmeal


Due to the fact that I couldn't edit my shopping cart or control the shipping costs properly. I have taken the shopping cart down.

To Order: Send an email to pleasantgrovesoaps@gmail.com or call me at 662-487-3050. Please leave a message if I am not in and I will return your call.

This is why I going this route. When you send an email or call I can let you know if I have what you want in stock or if it will have to be made. Once the order is packaged and weighed I find the cheapest route to ship so you aren't "overcharged" for shipping.

There will be an invoice in the box with your order and you can mail me a check or money order by mail to my address or if you want to pay through paypal by sending the payment to: pleasantgrovesoaps@gmail.com.

Here is my contact information:

Pleasant Grove Soaps 9360 Hwy 315 Sardis, MS 38666

Home Phone: 662-487-3050 Email: pleasantgrovesoaps@gmail.com or bill_deb@bellsouth.net

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