How I Learned about Deb Robinson's Soaps

by Don D
(Gulfport, MS)

I learned about Deborah Robinson’s soaps right after another one of Mississippi’s natural disasters. I live in Gulfport Mississippi, and like Deb’s husband Bill, I work for a public utility company. A few years ago Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast of Mississippi and I was working in storm recovery mode while trying to live in what was left of my house after the storm. I had no utilities but I did have water pressure on most days and while the water wasn’t drinkable it was fine for bathing which was a treat after the twelve to fourteen hour days of working in the August heat.

The shopping center in Gulfport where Beach Pharmacy was before the storm, had been totally washed away. After the storm the owner, Larry Krohn, was able to rent space in one of the medical buildings nearby that wasn’t damaged in order to provide medicines and the few supplies he was able to get, to his customers who were still on the coast during the recovery. In the hours just before Katrina’s landfall, the predictions of widespread flooding of the Hwy 90 area prompted many owners of the businesses to get all their important papers and records out of their store locations to save them from destruction. Larry and Lorraine Krohn were taking customer records and other important items from the pharmacy and were headed out the door when Lorraine decided to go back in and save all the Pleasant Grove soaps also. That small stock of soap was on the shelf of the new location on the day I went in to get a prescription filled and I bought two bars of the goat milk soap. I fell in love with the soap then and have been a loyal customer ever since. I also regularly send two of my children, one in Iraq and one in Denver Colorado, care-packages of items from their Mississippi home. The Pleasant Grove goat milk soaps are one of their most requested items.

Don D.
Gulfport, Mississippi

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