Funny Goat Stories

I love funny goat stories, so I have set up a page where you can submit your own. This is a place where you can participate by sharing your experiences with everyone else.

Every goat has it's own distinct "personality", some are sweet, some are grouchy and some are just plain silly. It makes for some funny situations. If you have a goat that is into "everything" especially "trouble" or if something funny happened to you on the way to the milk shed. Please share it.

I would love to hear your stories to see if your goats are as comical as mine. I am sure everyone else, whether they own goats or not will enjoy them, too! To see My Girls and Guys just click here

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Do you have a funny goat story?

Anyone who has raised goats or been around them at all usually has a funny goat story to share. If you have a funny goat experience please feel free to share it here.

I will be looking for the best of the best to publish on my website. Yours could be one of them!

Please submit the form below with your funny goat story.

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Mama Zissa Not rated yet
My oldest son was terribly allergic to cows milk, and did quite well on the goats milk that our friend had provided. However, this friend was retiring …

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