What are the Benefits of
Goat Milk Soap?

What are the benefits of goat milk soaps. What makes it so different from regular soaps?

This is a question that people ask me all the time!

Here are just a few of the benefits of goat milk soap.

Goat milk is loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calcium, all of which is absorbed into your skin every time you bathe.

The milk is also a natural healer and moisturizer. It is very close to the pH of your skin.

My soaps rinse clean. No chemical or soap scum feel.

Goat Milk Soaps have proven beneficial for people with many kinds of skin problems including acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. It helps people with diabetes that have really dry skin due to the disease or the drugs taken for the disease.

Different Uses for My Goat Milk Soaps

My customers are always finding different ways of using my soap and I have used it in most every one of the ways that are listed. Below are some extra benefits of goat milk soap!

Wash you face, body and even you hair (you'll love the shine).

Use it as a shaving soap, it works much better than commercial shaving creams. You will get a closer shave, fewer nicks and less shaving burn.
It is great for removing stains like lipstick from clothes. Just moisten the soap, rub it on the stain and toss in the wash.

It is great for relief from the itch of poison ivy, oak, tick bites and chigger bites. Moisten the soap and rub on the itchy parts of your body, Don't rinse it off. It will relieve the itch, just reapply when the itching starts up again.

It's perfectly safe to use on pets.

Goat soap is non-toxic so you can use it to "wash your kids mouth out" if he/she gets sassy. : This comes from personal experience…I have done it before and believe me your child will think twice before they talk back again!

I've never tried this but I have a few customers who use it as a toothpaste. Go figure!